1. To have the REBAC appropriated by the relevant episcopal conferences;
  2. Develop a first project to carry out the following main activities:
  • Extension of the Encyclical ‘Laudato Si ‘;
  • Mapping of actors, legislation and problems arising in the 6 REBAC countries in relation to forests;
  • Capacity building of REBAC members;
  • Advocacy on well-defined topics;
  • Support to the functioning of the REBAC Executive Secretariat.
  1. Participate in the Pan Amazonian Social Forum to be held in Peru in late April 2017 with the support of Catholic Relief Caritas France.
  2. Organize an exchange of experience mission between REBAC and REPAM in Brazil (2 Bishops, 2 members of the REBAC Executive Secretariat, one member of CAFOD, one delegate of SECAM).