1. Commission for Strategic Orientations

Composition: Representative  of Justice, Peace and Development commission of SECAM, a Representative of Jesuits Africa Social Centers Network (JASCNET) and a representative of Caritas Africa.

Tasks: To organize the Mediation between SECAM and REBAC, to inform SECAM on the activities of REBAC. To be the laboratory for decision-making of SECAM on the Congo Basin.

  1. Executive Secretariat

Composition: Episcopal Commission for Natural Resources (CERN), Caritas Congo asbl, Center of Studies for Social Action (CEPAS), Episcopal Commission for Justice and Peace (CEJP), Caritas Congo Brazza and Catholic Academy.

Tasks: Produce draft project proposal, Organize upcoming national meetings, Ensure day-to-day management, Identify opportunities for collaboration and funding.

  1. REBAC Sub-Regional Office

Composition: Representatives of Caritas, Justice and Peace (choose 3 or 4 delegates in a representative way taking into account their expertise) and JASCNET.

Tasks: Represent REBAC at the international and regional level, Advocate at regional level, Link REBAC member organizations.

  1. REBAC National Committee

Composition: Episcopal Conferences (with the Representatives of each diocese and the Representatives of the religious Congregations).

Responsibilities: Defend episcopal conferences, ensure the setting up of national, diocesan and community bodies, Represent REBAC at the national, diocesan and community level, Coordinate and animate the activities of the national REBAC, advocate at the national, Diocesan and community organizations, to link the member organizations of REBAC, to mobilize financial and technical partners …

  1. REBAC Diocesan Committee

Composition: Ordinary Bishops of the places and Representatives of Religious Congregations.